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SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

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SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

Post by Mahina on Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:44 pm


Illegal live pigeon shoots, where birds are stuffed into small boxes, then launched into a hail of gunfire, are the ultimate form of animal abuse, for they are the mass killing and wounding of living beings simply for the pleasure it brings.

Whenever legislation to ban shoots is introduced, the NRA's lobbyist, John Hohenwarter, sweeps down upon Harrisburg, and politicians run in fear. The truth is that the Second Amendment doesn't protect pigeon shoots, the NRA does.

For this reason, SHARK is directly challenging the NRA on their support of pigeon shoots, and calling on NRA members to stand up for what is right. To this end, we've set up a new website -

This is about honor and doing what is right. It's about standing up to the NRA and calling them out. It's about stopping the sick and horrific mass slaughter of innocent birds. Defending the rights of gun owners has nothing to do with protecting vile animal cruelty.

SHARK Challenges the NRA to a Public Debate on Pigeon Shoots

The following message was sent today to the NRA.


SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) is openly challenging the National Rifle Association to publicly debate the issue of live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. We will do it anytime, anywhere. We'll even live-stream it online so everyone will be able to watch it. Let's see if the NRA has the courage of their convictions on this issue, or if they are really cowards after all.

The Tragic Story of Emily - a Pigeon Wounded at Wing Pointe

August 5, 2012, was the final day of a four-day long mass pigeon shooting slaughter at the Wing Pointe canned hunting club in Berks County, PA. On that last day this pigeon, Emily, was shot, wounded, and left to die.

For seven days she survived, slowly starving, her wounds festering. It was seven days of torture before she was finally found and rescued just outside the Wing Pointe property.

Emily was emaciated and had multiple shotgun pellets in her body. After receiving veterinary care, SHARK took her to a wildlife rehabilitator. Sadly, due to the enormous suffering she went through, she passed away the next day. At least she felt warmth and compassion for a time.

Think of what this one bird went through, and her amazing will to survive that allowed her to last so long with such injuries and without food. This is why pigeon shoots are Pennsylvania's shame.

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Re: SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

Post by MoonShine on Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:52 pm

Nice for posting this!! Very Happy Our very first newsletter for STP. Also I need include, to put the date of the newsletter as the description. Wink

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Re: SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

Post by Mahina on Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:53 pm

Haha, you're welcome! And haha, le oops. I will be sure to remember that next time!

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Re: SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

Post by Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:35 am

Thanks for posting this, Sierra Razz It's nice to see an article here now! This is also a fairly interesting thing that SHARK have attempted to do \o/

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Re: SHARK Challenges the NRA on Pigeon Shoots

Post by Sponsored content

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