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Spirits and Ranks of STP

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Spirits and Ranks of STP Empty Spirits and Ranks of STP

Post by Maximum on Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:38 am

[tyatokia title="Yatokia"]

[YATOKIABUBBLE words="I am Yatokia, the spirit of all Guardians in the Summer Clan. Guardians protect the pack from a distance by patrolling the borders that surround the territory. Guardians are in charge of destroying enemies before they step foot on STP grounds. You won't thrive under me unless you obtain a sharp pain of eyes, lots of strength, and courage."]

[esl] Chief Guardian Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Guardian Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]None yet chosen

[esl] Guardians Places Occupied (5/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Recruit - 1st
[sl] Sentry - 2nd
[sl] Overseer - 3rd

[/tyatokia][tchesmu title="Chesmu"]

[CHESMUBUBBLE words="Hello, traveler! I am Chesmu - the spirit of Summer Clan's Explorers. Explorers under me are given special permissions to travel far beyond the pack's boundary. During their travels, Explorers collect items and gain knowledge of what lies outside the forest and the territory. Since these wolves know every inch of the territory and beyond it, they become handy to other ranks of the pack."]

[esl] Chief Explorer Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Explorer Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]Not yet chosen

[esl] Explorers Places Occupied (0/7)
[sl]None, be the first!

[esl] Levels

[sl] Hiker - 1st
[sl] (I don't know) - 2nd
[sl] Monitor - 3rd

[/tchesmu][takecheta title="Akecheta"]

[AKECHETABUBBLE words="Greetings. The name is Akecheta, and I am the summer spirit of the Warriors. Not all enemies can be detected, so that is where the Warriors come in; we fight predators that enter the lands. Not everyone will succeed under me, but those who do are tough, brave, and willing to make sacrifices."]

[esl] Chief Warrior Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Warrior Places Occupied (1/1)

[esl] Warriors Places Occupied (4/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Fighter - 1st
[sl] (I don't know) - 2nd
[sl] Officer - 3rd

[/takecheta][tmegedagik title="Megedagik"]

[MEGEBUBBLE words="I am Megedagik, a summer spirit of the Instructors. A bit about my rank is that Instructors are very experienced fighters, but they no longer fight as their career. They serve as teachers/trainers of the newcomers and Warriors. They know several tactics and strategies on how to take down enemies small or large. These wolves are very important to the pack and looked up to by Warriors. "]

[esl] Chief Instructor Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Instructor Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl] Not yet chosen

[esl] Instructors Places Occupied (1/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] (I don't know) - 1st
[sl] (I don't know) - 2nd
[sl] Trainer - 3rd

[/tmegedagik][tshima title="Shima"]

[SHIMABUBBLE words="Hello! My name is Shima, and I am the only female spirit of summer! I guide the Educators! Educators under me must possess a 'family oriented/motherly/fatherly' trait. These wolves must be talented in all areas of skills, especially patience. They also have a deep love for pups because Educators guide new parents through parenthood, and also teach parents how to take care of pups. Also, when pups are born, the Educators true and most important job begins; they educate children of STP's traditions, laws, ways of life, and all of the skills: hunting, fighting, swimming, healing, patience, etc. Wolves under this rank are very special and honorable. Without them, parents would be lost and confused, and pups wouldn't have the skills to survive."]

[esl] Chief Educator Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Educator Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]Not yet chosen

[esl] Educators Places Occupied (2/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Nanny - 1st
[sl] (I don't know) - 2nd
[sl] Teacher - 3rd

[/tshima][tsitala title="Sitala"]

[SITALABUBBLE words="Hello, my name is Sitala. I am a Winter spirit and I guide the Savants. Savants are very knowledgeable and smart wolves. These wolves have a natural gift of calming the minds of troubled wolves. This job may sound easy, but truthfully, its sometimes dangerous. Savants are like therapists, and in some cases, their patients can be aggressive. But they never give up; they keep trying until they succeed."]

[esl] Chief Savant Places Occupied (1/1)
[sl] @BlueMoon

[esl] Agent Savant Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl] Not yet chosen

[esl] Savants Places Occupied (0/7)
[sl] None, be the first!

[esl] Levels

[sl] Listener - 1st
[sl] Orator - 2nd
[sl] Erudite - 3rd

[/tsitala][tkamali title="Kamali"]

[KAMALIBUBBLE words="Howdy! I'm Kamali of the winter spirits! Mentors are spiritual 'teachers' of the spirits. They also make the newcomers feel welcomed, and also teach them of the spirits. When a Mentor feels a wolf is ready, they guide them to Mt. Denali. Since Mentors have been given the deep understanding of the spirits, these wolves become very special."]

[esl] Chief Mentor Places (1/1)
[sl] @Kabili

[esl] Agent Mentor Places Occupied (1/1)
[sl] @Keifer

[esl] Mentors Places Occupied (0/7)
[sl] None

[esl] Levels

[sl] (I don't know) - 1st
[sl] Guru - 2nd
[sl] Prophet - 3rd

[/tkamali][tkanati title="Kanati"]

[KANATIBUBBLE words="My name is Kanati, and I'm the fastest spirit out of these bums! Want to follow me?! Awesome! Here is some info about Hunters of the Winter Clan: Hunters inspired by me have the fastest legs around. Since birth, these wolves were born for the hunt. They have several tactics to take down large game. With their tactics and speed, they're impossible to outrun. No prey can beat them or escape when these wolves are hunting, nor can anyone outrun them in a race! Since they are the main providers of food in the pack, they hold an important role: to keep the pack healthy and alive."]

[esl] Chief Hunter Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Hunter Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]Not yet chosen

[esl] Hunters Places Occupied (2/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Killer - 1st
[sl] (I don't know) - 2nd
[sl] Strategist - 3rd

[/tkanati][tistas title="Istas"]

[ISTASBUBBLE words="Greetings, I am Istas, a spirit of the winter. Purveyors who follow me have jobs that lie under the surface. These wolves are the best swimmer of the pack; they also have some of the strongest legs, healthiest lungs, and very good vision too! Since they spend long periods of time in the water, Purveyors' bodies have slowly began to adapt and adjust to underwater life and hunting. Now they're rightfully nicknamed, 'Predators of the Sea.' If they aren't swimming, Purveyors collect wild fruits and rare delicacies that grow around the lands. These wolves are truly special, because no other of their kind can hunt underwater like them! "]

[esl] Chief Purveyor Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Purveyor Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]None yet

[esl] Purveyors Places Occupied (2/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Gatherer - 1st
[sl] Fisher - 2nd
[sl] Druid - 3rd

[/tistas][tabey title="Abey"]

[ABEYBUBBLE words="Hi, the name is Abey. I am a winter spirit and the guide for Healers. Healers are natural born doctors of the pack. They're meant to save the lives of wolves of the pack and know the cure to every infection known. These wolves have the skill of healing wolves' physical damage: wounds, broken bones, infections, diseases, etc. With good knowledge of plants, cures, and scientific information; there's nothing the healers can't heal. During battles, these wolves act as nurses and serve as doctors at birthings. Also, they act as scientists and test new cures and medicines. Its safe to say that these wolves are the smartest among the pack."]

[esl] Chief Healer Places (1/1)

[esl] Agent Healer Places Occupied (0/1)
[sl]None yet

[esl] Healers Places Occupied (1/7)

[esl] Levels

[sl] Nurse - 1st
[sl] Shaman - 2nd
[sl] Herbalist - 3rd


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Spirits and Ranks of STP Empty Re: Spirits and Ranks of STP

Post by Maximum on Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:11 pm

Updated Slay and Xavier

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