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Gypsy Stables

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Gypsy Stables  Empty Gypsy Stables

Post by MoonShine on Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:09 am

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These are the stall numbers and who owns what stall. Once you enter the hallway of the stable you can excess any stall you want.

  • 1)
  • 2)
  • 3)
  • 4)
  • 5) Saladin (Arane)
  • 6)
  • 7)
  • 8) Maisie (Gallius)
  • 9)
  • 10) Beau (Jaque) "Doesn't like other people"


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Gypsy Stables  Empty Re: Gypsy Stables

Post by Skyler on Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:33 pm

playing as scarlet kiki (stable hand)
place 1
scarlet puts a rope around her horse pablos head and leads him into the pasture out side of the stables, she leads him in and he starts to pull on the rope. scarlet takes the rope, he trots off to the other side of the fenced area. 
"see you soon buddy"
place 2
she gets out the buckets by the side of each of the horses stable, she fills the buckets with the right amount of food fo each horse.
scarlet first walks up to Saladin who is the qweens horse, she opens the door and drops the bucket off food inside, before she goes she strokes his forhead.
next is Maisie, maisie is the kings horse, she is a very pretty horse.
scarlet grabs the last bucket off food wich is pablos food.
place 1
 she walks out the stable doors and in to the cold snowy yard, scarlet calls her horse over and shakes the bucket off food, pablo trots over eager to get the food as fast as he can.
she jumps over the fence and puts the food bucket on the snowy ground, scarlet starts to plait pablos mane, she then leaves him to eat as she walks back inside.
place 2
she grabs the small basket of muffins she had made and go to the clinic to give mertle soem thing, scarlet liked old people they were usaly friendly, and they gave her a sence of homeness.
the girl grabs her cloak and pablos rideing gear and walks out the stable doors in to the cold.
place 1
scarlet climbs under the fence and walks over to pablo who is standing by the gate.
she puts his bridle on and puts his bit in his mouth cearfully, then she lifts his saddle and puts it over his back then tightening the girth to the right size.
she jumps on and starts to trot slowly towards the clinic hopeing pablo does not slip on the snow or ice.
to the clinic

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Gypsy Stables  Empty Re: Gypsy Stables

Post by Xavier on Sat Jan 25, 2014 10:50 pm

P2- Lucan lounged near the tack area oblivious to the world around him. Though he'd only be a stable hand for a short time the barn had become his home and he was proud to say it. Though he rarely did. He shook his head for a moment listening as the other stable hand, Scarlet, moved around feeding the horses. He knew that it was also his duty to preform those tasks. He rubbed his eyes, adjusted his cap and strolled out noticing that Scarlet had indeed left with her own horse to who knows where. He walked slowly towards one of the stalls occupied by Saladin, the queens horse. He watched the black horse with a fond smile before strolling away.

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Gypsy Stables  Empty Re: Gypsy Stables

Post by Skyler on Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:46 pm

Place 2
pablo  trots down tot he stable doors slowly. Scarlet van feel his heavy breathing  on her legs. She jumps off the left side of pablo taking his reins and walking into the bran tieing him up outside maiseis stable door she watches as the two horses groom each other, she giggles at them as scarlet takes off pablos riding gear.
she walks over to the tack room and puts his stuff on a shelf and grabs a rush that used to be her uncles brush for his horses.. She then returns to pablo and starts to brush him, his shiney black and white fur was wet from the snow so she walks over to the hay bales and picks a bit of cloth up and stars to rub pablo down.
She is about to take pablo back out but sees how cold it is so she decides to just let me stand around in the barn while she reads her favourite book. 'The life of a wolf'.
she pulls out her book from under all the hay then pulls a bale of hay over to the side of one of the stables without a horse inside them and starts to read. But scarlet then remembers what she had forgot, 'her bow and arrows'. Scarlet always had her bow and arrows by her in case anyone tryed to hurt her or more importantly the horses or pablo. She jumps up again walks over to the hay bales pulls a wooden ladder over and starts to climb. When she is at the top she reaches forwards to a beam in the side of the barn. Behind it is her bow and arrows l. Scarlet picks then up and puts them round her shoulder. She climbs back down and puts the ladder back. As she stars to walk back over to the hay bales she looks over at lucan, who she had a little bit of a crush on, scarlet so cheeks start to go ref as he looks at her. She goes back to reading but at he same time thinking about him.
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Gypsy Stables  Empty Re: Gypsy Stables

Post by Kamaji on Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:03 pm

[AKECHETABUBBLE words="Skyler your character cannot bounce from one place to another. You have forgotten to mention that she left the stables the first time(Meaning put "To the Clinic" at the bottom of your post) and the same thing with which she never left the clinic. Please edit your post here and then post in Clinic that she left to come here. Thank you, and please try to remember that RP rules for KG are the same as regular RP of STP!"]

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Gypsy Stables  Empty Re: Gypsy Stables

Post by Sponsored content

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