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SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

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SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Empty SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

Post by Mahina on Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:55 pm

Disclaimer : This Issue of SHARK Newsletter contains sensitive material. It is also far more controversial than other issues.

SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

In July, SHARK held a press conference in Reno, Nevada, and exposed the 2012 Reno Rodeo for secretly electro-shocking horses. There was massive media attention and outrage about the abuse we uncovered.

One of the shockers was rodeo clown Donny Castle (watch that video HERE).
SHARK went looking for Castle and found him at the Orange County Fair Rodeo in California. The stock contractor for that rodeo was the Flying U Rodeo Company and is owned by Cotton and Reno Rosser, who are the main contractors for the Reno Rodeo, meaning Castle has a working relationship with the Rossers and should have been held accountable for the acts of animal cruelty he committed in Reno.

Our new video on this issue shows the corruption of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), and how they and the Reno Rodeo are scapegoating a minor subcontractor for the abuse that happened, when the reality is Cotton and Reno Rosser are the ones who should be held responsible.


Coca-Cola was a direct sponsor of the Reno Rodeo, where all those horses were brutally electro-shocked. You can see Coke on the rodeo sponsor page (though it says 2011 sponsors this is the active sponsor link for this year) listed as a "National Sponsor" and how the link goes right to Coke's main website. So Coke can't make any excuse that this was an independent bottler or any other such nonsense. This is Coca-Cola sponsoring animal cruelty, pure and simple.

SHARK will soon begin a new and exciting campaign against Coke, and we will have more news on that soon. For now, please write to Coca-Cola and politely ask that they follow their own policy regarding animal abuse and withdraw from supporting all rodeos.

The following emails are all associated with the leadership of Coca-Cola. You can copy and paste them all in one email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Hickman001-1

Jeff Hickman with the Reno Gazette-Journal created this cartoon of the Reno Rodeo and their shocking of the horses. We are very grateful to Jeff for his outstanding depiction! Jeff has provided SHARK permission to share this cartoon with all of you.
Credit: Jeff Hickman, Reno Gazette-Journal


Rodeo Horse with Broken Leg Forced to Run

Rodeo people claim to love their animals. Watch what rodeo thugs do after a horse has his leg broken. Does this look like "love" to you?

Rodeo Clown Makes Racist Joke (Surprise, Surprise)

From an article titled: Rodeo clown was behind racist joke about Michelle Obama:

It was rodeo clown Mike Hayhurst of Barstow, not announcer Ed Kutz of Arroyo Grande, who made an offensive, racist joke about first lady Michelle Obama over the public-address system of the Creston Classic Rodeo a rodeo board member confirmed Sunday.

Hayhurst quickly deleted his personal website, but we've got a snapshot of it. Note that he is a "PRCA Rodeo Clown & Barrelman" (with a big PRCA logo to the top right) and was sponsored by Coors.

SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Screenshot2012-09-24at113047AM_zps1d1f714f

Amazingly, his apology comes off as vile as the original joke, as he seems to be apologizing to Ann Romney and doesn't mention the First Lady at all. To us, this doesn't sound like a guy who feels what he said was wrong, only that people found it offensive. And that's rodeo for you.

What's even more stunning is that this guy was the Superintendent of a Charter school! He resigned after all this came out, but that must be some school where the man running it is a racist rodeo clown!

That a rodeo clown would feel completely at ease making an offensive racist joke is no surprise for those of us at SHARK who have documented many rodeos. Rodeo clowns (along with the announcers) often make extremely sexist and crude remarks.

We can only assume that they feel that the type of person who enjoys seeing animals being tortured also enjoy making fun of women and minorities.

Drugs and Alcohol at the Rodeo

During the 2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Broc Cresta, a rodeo roper, was found dead. According to this story in the Wyoming/Tribune Eagle, Cresta died from "...a lethal combination of alcohol and pain pills."

While rodeos try to give a squeaky clean appearance to what they do, the comments section of that story, from people living in Wyoming and who attended CFD, tells a much darker story:

"It sounds good, but cowboys are some of the biggest druggies, pot smokers and other drug users out there. I have known plenty. Looks can be deceiving. They are not all angles [sic] like you think. Guess you were not at that concert when joints were being passed around huh? Plenty of drugs going around those fancy RV's and campers. Drugs at the rodeo, by cowboys, have been around a long time and will continue to be, dont hide your head in the sand."


"Ever notice that when a rock musician OD's on drugs and alcohol the people of Cheyenne consider them to be the scum of the earth? However when a professional rodeo star does the same thing he is considered " a talented young cowboy and a fine young man". Cheyenne needs to pull its head out of the horse manure and take a deep breath of what it worships."

Rodeo Criminals Round-Up

New felony charges for father accused of covering up son's fatal crash

The following is from this article from the August 11, 2012 edition of the Denver Post: Tristan Martin, 16, and his father, Michel Martin, 37, of Sulphur, La., were on their way to Rock Springs, Wyo., on July 14 to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo.

Investigators have said the Martins' 2003 Volvo tractor truck was pulling a horse trailer when it drifted off the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 at 6:28 a.m., hitting and killing Shun Jones, 48, of Carrollton, Texas, and her cousin Amanda Omo-Iyamu, 38, of Balch Springs, Texas.

The Colorado State Patrol alleges the Martins finally pulled over about a half mile after hitting the women, and someone picked up the 16-year-old and took him away before state troopers arrived.

Showing the same lack of ethics, whether it relates to humans or animals, rodeo people following the same routine - injure or kill, run and hide.

Five enter guilty pleas in rhino horn trafficking

From the Star-Telegram, Sept. 14, 2012: Five people, including a former rodeo cowboy from Hico, have pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking in black rhinoceros horns for the illicit Asian folk-medicine market, a U.S. attorney in Los Angeles said Friday.

"I wanted to make money like everyone else, but if I knew then what I know now, I'd never get into it," said ex-PRCA steer wrestler Wade Steffen.


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SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Empty Re: SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

Post by MoonShine on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:24 pm

This is such a shame, that such a BIG company sponsors something so cruel, but since Coke is SOOO BIG it can't lose everything, like smaller companies that would go out of business. Evil or Very Mad

Thanks for posting this Sierra! This should be spread throught out the world, of the GIANT lie PRCA is putting on people as well as other companies!

SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Request_for_moonshinestp_by_inanistesta-d69x65y

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SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Empty Re: SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:57 am

Thanks for posting this up, Sierra!

I feel so sorry for the horses that have had to put up with this kind of abuse :c It makes me sad how people would even consider doing such things - but it makes me glad that organisations such as SHARK are around to help put a stop to them.

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SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker Empty Re: SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker

Post by Sponsored content

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