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Post by Strong on Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:29 am


This is a guide that you should apply when you are going to open a topic for your Family tree. If your topic do not meet the rules shown on this guide, your topic will be locked and you will lose 25% of your Respect Bar. So try to follow them and before do anything, if you have a doubt ask on the forum for "Doubts and Questions".

Family tree?:
Basically, it is a document which shown all family relationships of an individual. On STP this is useful for keeping track of family relations of members of the pack.
basic rules:
Exclamation BASIC RULES:

Do not add a member to your family, fraudulently
It means, add to your Family tree a member without his/her permission. The permission gave via pm is invalid, the member must give you the permission in a message on the same topic where is your family tree.

Cannot do any change!
Once you decided be part of the family of a specific member as a blood relation, you cannot ask for be removed. So think it well before ask for join to a Family! In case that you changed character, then if you want you can communicate to your old family on their topic and say that your character is apart of the pack or died. But if you want rejoin again as your old character, your family will be again the old one.

Caution with blood pups!
Remember that only dominants and leaders (with a permission of the dominants) can have own pups, so your family members cannot ask or accept blood pups! If they want a pup, the only way is adopt a lost pup! So remember this when you are going to request to join to a family, or before accept one request of blood pup! If someone break this rule will be punished!

One Tree per Family!
You only can have a topic if you have not got yet a relationship in the pack, a family. If you joined to a family as blood relation, then you already have a Familiar tree, so you cannot open a topic. (Do not worry, all members of a family have the option to vote when a new member want to join the family. So you have some right to decide who you want as part of your family.)

But if you joined to a family via being adopted by someone of the family and did not have any blood relation with any other member of the family, then you can open a topic and create your own family tree, but first you must leave from the old family.

Exist other way to leave a family, in the case than you and all your blood relations have agree to leave a family to start their own one!

Is Mandatory us the form below!
The design of the topic must follow the lines shared in the code of the next point. Any topic that not follow this design will be eliminated. At the end, the topic must be like this example:
content of the topic:
The title of the topic must be the name of your family.

*A- Name of your family, put a name that will distinguish your new family of the others!
*B- Description talking about your family group.

*The phrases or words between "{..}" are the ones that you must update in your topic.

[hr][color=#00bbff][b]STATUS OF THE FAMILY:[/b][/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff][b]List of family members who want a Blood Pup:[/b][/color]
-no one-
:star: [color=#ffffff][b]List of family members who want a Blood Sibling:[/b][/color]
-no one-

:star: [color=#ffffff][b]List of family members who want adopt a Pup:[/b][/color]
-no one-
:star: [color=#ffffff][b]List of family members who want adopt a Sibling:[/b][/color]
-no one-

:star: [color=#ffffff][b]List of family members who are looking for a mate:[/b][/color]
-no one-

[hr][color=#00bbff][b]MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY AND THEIR RELATION:[/b][/color]

[quote="Key Legend!"]
:point: [color=white][u]NAME:[/u][/color]
The name of the family member

:point: [color=white][u]TYPE OF CHARACTER:[/u][/color]
[color=#33ff00]Ⓡ[/color] - Role-played by real person!
[color=#ff2600]Ⓝ [/color]- Is not Role-played by real person!

:point: [color=white][u]STATE:[/u][/color]
[color=#00aeff]S[/color][color=#ff3c00]T[/color][color=#ffb700]P[/color] - Member of the pack.
[size=24][color=#93946c]✝️[/color][/size] - Is dead.
[size=18][color=#ff0066]✈️[/color][/size] - Left the pack / Is not a member.

[size=18][color=#00dee6]Ⓐ[/color][/size] - Adopted, not related blood.
[color=#e60000]♥️[/color] - Blood Related

:point: [color=white][u]RELATIONSHIP:[/u][/color]
The type of relation between familiars.

:point: [color=white][u]FAMILY MEMBER:[/u][/color]
[color=#ffea00]★[/color] All the members who joined to the family has a star at the end of their summary of info.[/quote]

After this code, in order to add the list of family members you should use this form, do not forget include yourself on it!:

*A- Name of the familiar who will be shared their info.
*B- Name of the familiar related with the member of the first point, named in the {A}. Put all the name it in capital letters.
*C- One of the icons of "TYPE OF CHARACTER" depending the case of the familiar {B}.
*D- One of the icons of "STATE" depending the case of the familiar {B}.
*E- One of the icons of "LINEAGE" depending the type of relation between {A} and {B}.
*F- Type of the relationship between {A} and {B}, is explained in the legend "RELATIONSHIP".
*F- Put or not the icon of "FAMILY MEMBER" depending the case of {B}.

*The phrases or words between "{..}" are the ones that you must update in your topic.
[spoiler={A}][table style="background-color:#00002f; table border="3"][tr][td][b][color=#ffffff]NAME[/color][/b] [color=#00bbff]|[/color] [b][color=white]TYPE OF CHARACTER[/color][/b] [color=#00bbff]|[/color] [b][color=white] STATE[/color][/b] [color=#00bbff]|[/color] [b][color=white]LINEAGE[/color][/b][color=#00bbff]|[/color] [b][color=white]RELATIONSHIP[/color][/b][hr]:point: [color=#00bbff]{B}[/color][b]:[/b]  {C}  - {D} - {E} - [color=#ffffff]{F}[/color].

:point: [color=#00bbff]{B}[/color][b]:[/b]  {C}  - {D} - {E} - [color=#ffffff]{F}[/color].
{Repeat the last ":point:" to add a new familiar related with  the member of your family}[/td][/tr][/table][/spoiler]

To add the a new member to the list, use again the form above. But try to put without spaces the start of the code ([spoiler=...) with the end of the last code. It should be like this [spoiler=... ] all the content of the code[/spoiler ][spoiler=.. ] here the info of the next family member[/spoiler ]
Join a Family:
First of all, remember all the rules, since they are important to know before join or create a family. Once you be conscious of the consequences, etc. You should follow the next form to use in time to join a family.

*Name: The name of your character's wolf
*Age: Your current age.
*Gender: The gender of the character.
*Agree with the rules?: You must say yes, so you must be agree to them.
*Request for?: Say as how you want to join, name the type of familiar: Uncle of, sister of, etc..
*Familiar Name: Say the name of the member that you want as...what you said on the last label "Request for?", the name of the current member of the family who you want have a familiar union.
*Blood or Adopted?: If you chose blood, it means that you are going to be a biological familiar of the member you selected. It implies that you also are going to have to accept the blood familiar relations of the member you chose like part of your biological family. If you want be a familiar via being adopted, then you will not need to have the same blood familiar relations than the member who adopted you. So you will be free to leave the family when you want, always you did not have any type of blood relation with anyone in the family group.
*Numerate the familiars: In case you decide join like a blood familiar, then you should share all the relationships that through being the (sister, aunt, son, etc.) of a specific member, this will involve at you on other relations. For example, if you choose be Strong's blood sister, this will involve also be Brave, Kanti and Lively's sister, etc. In case you decide join via be adopted by the member, then you should name all your family members that you invented or not. For example, who was your father, etc.

Is important do a clear list and put next the NAME of the familiar all the icons according to the legend (NAME, TYPE OF CHARACTER ,STATE, LINEAGE, RELATIONSHIP)

[color=#63c1ff][u]I WANT BE PART OF THIS FAMILY![/u][/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Name:[/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Age: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Gender: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Agree with the rules?: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Request for?: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Familiar Name: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Blood or Adopted?: [/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Numerate the familiars: [/color]
How I be accepted?:
In the request to join like a biological family member, all the familiars, who still being part of STP, that will appear on the list of the label "Numerate the familiar" should post on the topic if they are agree on accepting or turning down the request. Then, once all them or major part of them did, the winner between the recount of number of posts "accepting" or posts "down the request" will be the decision in decide if the request is accepted or not. The author of the topic will be the one who, after sent all opinions (or major part of them) is going to send this form:

*A- Name of the member who wanted join.
*B- Say if tequest is Accepted or Denied.
*The words between "{..}" are the ones that you must update in each acceptance, depending on the case.
The request to join of [color=#05aeeb]{A}[/color], has been evaluated and the final decision is that your request is [color=#00a800]{B}[/color]

In the request to join like an adopted member, onlythe familiar whi is going to adopt you, who still being part of STP, should post on the topic to say if she/he is agree on accepting or turning down the request. Then, once she/he decided if the request is accepted or not. The author of the topic will be the one who is going to send this form:

*A- Name of the member who wanted join.
*B- Say if tequest is Accepted or Denied.
*The words between "{..}" are the ones that you must update in each acceptance, depending on the case.
The request to join of [color=#05aeeb]{A}[/color] is [color=#00a800]{B}[/color]
How leave a family?:
Okay, as you know you only can leave a family if you do not have any biological family member in the family. If this is the case, simply let to the family group know that you are leaving, and ask to be removed on the topic of the family. You must do it if you want create your own family.

In case you have biological familiars on the family, and wants leave to start your own, to attach it you must sent the following form to the family' topic and wait until all your biological familiars, who are in STP, join to your departure to create your own family. Is important know that you request only will be approved when every and each biological familiar replies saying yes! Wink:

*Name: Your current character wolf's name.
*Reason: Say a reason about why you are leaving.
*Biological Familiars: You must to name the members who share blood with you.

[color=#38cdff][u]I AM LEAVING FROM THIS FAMILY:[/u][/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Name:[/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Reason:[/color]
:star: [color=#ffffff]Biological Familiars:[/color]

I hope this guide has been helpful! Very Happy
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