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Party in the Zoo

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Request Lock Party in the Zoo

Post by Strong on Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:46 am

First topic message reminder :

The event will be none other than a birthday party night in the Zoo where Strong is in, and this is in honor of the Iberian wolf since the 2nd of October is his birthday and is then when will start.

Arrow Party in the Zoo
Starts on Oct 02, 2012 - Ends on Oct 05, 2012
"The animals into the zoo has started to act different, and only some of us will know why!"


What does the Party involve?
Obviously, the players and participants of the party will not be the characters that are usually used in the development of the role play of the pack of STP. By this I mean that previously the person who will want to participate should create a new character, and character's standards in terms of species and number of them will be detailed in the following section.

Once registered, the next step will design a present to be given to Strong to end of the "night" in the RP game, it will be nothing less than Friday if everything goes as planned. More about the contest PRESENT Here!

The available characters:
Wolves (8/8) FULL
These will be the companions of the enclosure where Strong is enclosed, to be consistent with the description of the Zoo that Zotori had wrote (here) will be limited to a maximum of 8 and one of the females must be pregnant.
    - Strong (Yes, the DM) REFERENCE
    - Anila (Night Hollow) - 4 years "PREGNANT ONE" REFERENCE
    - Moon (Liberty) - 2 years REFERENCE
    - Karis (Lacien) - 2 1/2 years REFERENCE
    - Loki (Cheza) - 2 1/2 years REFERENCE
    - Maddox (Lira) - 2 3 years REFERENCE
    - Seer (Kamaji) - 3 years
    - Brook (Spirit) - 2 years REFERENCE
Rats (3/3) FULL
There will be three to keep the cliché of almost all novels where mice are always a fun threesome. These are good spies who keep the wolves of the Zoo informed about what happens off their enclosure in exchange for part of their meal. That is why they are invited to the party.
    - Leta (Terra) - 4 years
    - Splints (PureBlood) - 1 year
    - Quickin (Siberia) - 2 years
Ravens (2/2) FULL
These have always guided all stray wolves, and this couple will not missed this. Those who are going to interpret these characters must one be a female and one a male and they will be a sentimental pair, and confidential birds for the wolves. No word yet on why but are old friends of an old wolf that was in the enclosure and who already died, so therefore respects these crows.
    - Munik (Sierra) - 1 year
    - Rowelyn (Howl) - 1 year REFERENCE
Squirrels (5/6)
Squirrels are not always welcomed, as it is sometimes hard to understand its vocabulary and how fast they talk with their sharp voice. In addition on the days when they get very dull, are unbearable. Wolves do not eat them because in the Zoo are not hungry and because these small mammals always bring curious things of the outside world of humans. They are responsible for bringing all kinds of material benefit to the wolves, so six of them (the less tedious ones) were invited on behalf of all the zoo squirrels.
    - Kruse (Gingersnap) - 2 years
    - Zo-Zo (MoonShine) - 1/2 year
    - Dex (Okami) - 2 years REFERENCE
    - Coconut (Hiram) - 2 years REFERENCE
    - Russa (Dark) - 1 year
Security Guard (0/1)
The Zoo at night is always guarded by some guards and so will be an interpreter who will go to literalize this character guarding the area where the wolf's enclosure is. Of course is not invited to the party, but this guard will suspect weird things.

Which are the party's behaviors?
Well there will be some conditions to follow during the party if not you will be penalized:

- Wolves cannot abandon the enclosure (place 11)
- You have to try to not be caught by the guard doing a strange behavior
- All Party event will occur at night, so adapt the messages to this situation once started the party
- Act like the specie that you are!
- Wear an avatar that shows your character with it's name on it during the event! Or show the image of the character of the Zoo to the beginning of each message.
- Follow all general rules about Role-playing!

Form to send the entry:
All entries may be send on this thread!

- Type of animal: You have to put name of one of the available ones
- Name: Put the name you want for your character
- Gender: Male or female
- Age: Age of the animal, must to be realistic
- Reference: Here is where you will show or describe the appearance of the character! Add whatever you need necessary! Markings, scars, eyes colors, build, etc..
- Sources: If your material used in the reference do not belongs to you (like photo-manipulation) you will share here the sources!
- Other info: Anything you want say about character, like if is the pregnant female in case of wolf

 :star: [color=#3beb3b]Type of Animal:[/color]
 :star: [color=#3beb3b]Name:[/color]
 :star: [color=#3beb3b]Gender:[/color]
 :star: [color=#3beb3b]Age:[/color]
:star: [color=#3beb3b]Reference:[/color]
 :star: [color=#3beb3b]Sources:[/color]
:star: [color=#3beb3b]Other Info:[/color]

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Request Lock Re: Party in the Zoo

Post by Hiram on Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:40 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Type of Animal: Squirrel
Like a Star @ heaven Name: Coconut
Like a Star @ heaven Gender: Male
Like a Star @ heaven Age: 2
Like a Star @ heaven Reference: The sources have the reference. No detail was changed. :3
Like a Star @ heaven Sources:
Like a Star @ heaven Other Info: He's a fat, loveable rodent.

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Request Lock Re: Party in the Zoo

Post by Spirit on Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:10 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Type of Animal: Wolf
Like a Star @ heaven Name: Brook
Like a Star @ heaven Gender: Female
Like a Star @ heaven Age: 2 years
Like a Star @ heaven Reference:
Like a Star @ heaven Sources: lolol
Like a Star @ heaven Other Info: Personality? Well, she's sweet and gentle and she wouldn't hurt a fly. Although she can be slightly moody at times, but she'll never really lash out and get mad.

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Request Lock Re: Party in the Zoo

Post by Dark on Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:59 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Type of Animal: Squirrel
Like a Star @ heaven Name: Russa
Like a Star @ heaven Gender: Female
Like a Star @ heaven Age: 1 year.
Like a Star @ heaven Reference: I didn't change anything. The source covers the reference.
Like a Star @ heaven Sources:
Like a Star @ heaven Other Info: She is friendly and nice with especially keen eyesight and hearing.

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Request Lock Re: Party in the Zoo

Post by MoonShine on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:39 am

I am going to move and lock this since it is no longer needed.

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Request Lock Re: Party in the Zoo

Post by Sponsored content

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