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BIO - Maximum WIP

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Edited BIO - Maximum WIP

Post by Maximum on Fri May 20, 2011 9:26 pm


Label: Maximum#ed463a]◆ Position: Chief
 Specialty: Purveyor, inspired by Winter spirit, Istas


Sex: Gentleman
Maturity: 3 years of age
◆ Fur Color: The main color of his coat is dark ashen - sometimes appearing to be black varying the lighting of his surroundings. His lower jaw, undercover, inner ears, and belly are a lighter hue of his darker base. Orange streaks under his eyes, as well as on his stockings. His ear tips are that of gray-white. His tail and his front two legs come in three layers: the top dark gray like his coat, the middle is a thin streak of orange, and the bottom is ebony.
 Build: Maximum is taller than most of his kind, very lean, and in-shape. From his previous rank of Summer Clan leader, he is quite muscular but his talent is speed and his lung opacity. However, long fur make him look average weight.


Personality: Having experienced much damage and witnessing much cruelty in his three years of living, Maximum sees the world through "diamond" eyes. The wolf gives off a very calming aura, and tries to stay true to the ways of his spirit, Istas, who represents peace. He is quiet and serious, but compassionate to all the faces he comes to contact with (as long as they treat him the same). As a result of this, Max gives very good advice to those who need it and very understanding. However, he is easily come into conflict with himself and be full of grief/regret if reminded of such things. In these times, he'll tend to snap and attack to mask the emotions.

History: WIP Turning her head, she gave a final smile to Maximum. She whispered, "Close your eyes. Don't peek. I love you, Maximum," before the human finally blasted a bullet into her skull, killing Raven immediately in front of her only child. The human and his comrades fled the area with her frail body, while Maximum sat there for two entire days sitting in her blood. Those two days would forever change him. The memory haunts him to this very day, causing Maximum to shut down emotionally. WIP

Zeus: Father
Raven: Mother
Night Hollow: Half Brother
Akitta: Daughter
Phantom: Son
Valeria: Daughter
Dawn: Daughter
Julius: Son
Reference Sheet (c) Keifer
Maximum Headshot Manipulation: By Maximum
2013 Halloween: Darkness Rises (c) Keifer
Valeria and Maximum (c) Nafeera
Maximum - Full body (c) Night Hollow

[tut="Character Information"]
<br>Like a Star @ heaven <u><font color='#55d12c'><strong>USER DATA:</strong></font></u><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Wolfquest account: <font color='#e2ebda'>Toronto Sun</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 DA account: <font color='#e2ebda'>Dominant-male</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 iScribble account: <font color='#e2ebda'>N/A</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 FH account: <font color='#e2ebda'>N/A</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Lupinar account: <font color='#e2ebda'>N/A</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 First date joined: <font color='#7fff0f'>Aug 28, 2010</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Times kicked for Inactivity: <font color='red'>0</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Times has left by own decision: <font color='#e2ebda'>1</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Times Re-joined?: <font color='#7fff0f'>0</font><br>BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212 Is banned?: <font color='red'>No</font>


BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212Progress of the Character: BIO - Maximum WIP 3081106212
-Aug 28, 2010Joined as Seeker
-UnknownLeft & Rejoined
-Aug 1, 2013Became Feeder under Istas


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Edited Re: BIO - Maximum WIP

Post by Strong on Mon May 23, 2011 3:30 am


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Edited Re: BIO - Maximum WIP

Post by Strong on Tue May 24, 2011 3:49 am

BIO - Maximum WIP Sugere15 BIO - Maximum WIP Positi10

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Edited Re: BIO - Maximum WIP

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