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How to become an Official Member of the pack?

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How to become an Official Member of the pack?

Post by Strong on Thu May 19, 2011 10:28 am

[guide title="Steps: Be an Official member of STP"]
Here is a little guide to get you to understand how to become an Official member (OM), which means, be part of one of the two clans! To be able to have a rank and start to train for obtain an ascent of your rank! (After you sign up go, to Launch your Character. Click the link then fill out the labels of the form and click the button to publish it!).

Question What are the minimum requirements to be ready to perform the ritual?

    You should be at least a Newcomer, with an adult age (more than one year, since pups cannot perform the ritual) and have approved the [secourse].
    A Seeker become a newcomer once reached the 35 posts in the forum.
    Must have the [af] to at least at 75%.
    Should know the password to enter Mt. Mckinley's forum (where ritual is going to be performed)
    Must have an accepted and correct biography here
    Must have met, at least, with one of the dominants during the development of the RP.
    We've said than Pups cannot perform the ritual, this don't mean that they cannot become OM, they can if OM adopt them! To be adopted is also needed to have 35 messages!

[tut="When I can do the ritual?"]Exclamation When I can do the Ritual?:
Once you've met all requirements described above your Mentor will decide if you're ready or no to join the pack! If she/he thinks than yes, then you will approve the [seekers course] and your Mentor will go ahead and open a topic on Mt.Denali for you, where the travelling will be performed! Once the topic will be ready, you will receive the password to access into this forum!

So don't ask to carry out the ritual if the Dominants have not told you the password.

[/tut][tut="Meet the dominants"]Question Where found them?:
In order to know if the dominants have met you in the RP some day, you will have to check their friends' list. If you are one of their friends, then you do not need read more about this point, if is not the case keep reading.

You'll have to check the label 'Location in the RP' of any of the dominants and go where they are (if they are in a place where you are allowed to enter). The places available for Newcomers in the RP are the following ones:

    Any Place in the Northern Frontier (less the Mt.Denali)
    Any place in the Southern Frontier
    Main places of each of the 3 zones of Territory

      -Winter Clan (Home Lake)
      -Seasonal Legacy (Swan Lake)
      -Summer Clan (Pirate Lake)

Once on the place you have to talk with them, let them know your interesting to join STP!

[/tut][tut="Heading up Denali"] Question What is the journey going to be like?:
Once you've received the password you'll have to go to the opened topic for you in the Mt. Mckinley! Then, send your first post there (of a total of 22 posts). In the message, you've to announce that you're ready to start the journey and then await.

NOTE: When we're there on the RP, please, try to use the numbers of the pictures. More info on the [write]

After send the first post, you will start the journey with your Mentor (if is not too busy) , who will guide at you until the foot of the Mt. Denali! If he/she is busy (performing with his/her character another activity in the RP) then, your travel will be guided by Shiriki (NPC that will be played by your Mentor or by any moderator).

This is Shiriki

© Avatar: Edition by @Strong / Original photo by jcaputo4

Further explanations about the ritual and the travelling to perform the ritual will be given by your guider on the topic in Denali!

I hope this guide has been helpful! Very Happy 
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Hello, Guest ! Please do not forget to read the Forum Rules! Thanks!:D

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Post by Guest on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:39 pm

Okay I just joined yesterday. There is so much to do and its all so confusing. affraid  I could use some help. I dont understand whats THE RITUAL. Where do I do it? How does it work..??   There is so much stuff to read that I am totally turned around. I need help.

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Re: How to become an Official Member of the pack?

Post by Zura on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:43 pm

Theres the main basic steps

1. getting your bio accepted which allows you to start rp

2. You must reach a specific amount of post and activity field before you are able to perform the ritual(The ritual is like a ceramony that helps decide what clan you join and what rank you have)

3. Once you reach it, you can read the Rituals Way, which explain how to do it. And if you still don't understand you can ask a member or watch how the person before you does it^^ I hope this helped.

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Where should I post?

Post by Guest on Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:48 pm

Where do I post the things I need to reach? How much? Im still really confused...

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Re: How to become an Official Member of the pack?

Post by Swift on Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:41 pm

First you must post your bio here That is the first thing you must do. Then, once you are accepted you must reach a total of 5o posts. Then, you will be informed to do the ritual. :3 If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or anyone else on the matter.

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Re: How to become an Official Member of the pack?

Post by MoonShine on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:31 pm

Thanks Zura and Swift for helping out. (This topic should have been locked) xD

10 SP

Riverfang, if you need anymore help you post your questions here:


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Re: How to become an Official Member of the pack?

Post by Sponsored content

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