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Gypsy Bar

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Gypsy Bar

Post by MoonShine on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:11 pm

!4The Gypsy Bar!4

Since we couldn't really find a picture of a decent looking bar, I figured to let your imagination take place. Wink

The bar is just like any other bar you see. You walk into the front door and there are small tables for two on your left and a bar counter on your right. In the back is a little stage where the local musician plays his music. The bar is a bit run down and the paint is chipping on the outside, but everyone still enjoy's going to it since it is the only one in the whole kingdom. Make sure to listen to the bartender or you will be kicked out, either by the bartender or by the Royal guard.

!2If we find I picture I will add it, but we will use this for right now.!2

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