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RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

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RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

Post by Keifer on Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:02 pm

Hello darling infected members of The Seasonal Trackers Pack! Welcome to the final announcement concerning the falling action of this year's Halloween RP Event: Darkness Rises. In this RP Event, Sucki has come and possessed our darling, innocent wolves of STP! He has caused a ruckus, and even taken a few lives! Here is the update!

Infected/Possessed wolves:
  • Nafeera
  • Maximum
  • Aero
  • PureBlood
  • Siberia
  • MoonShine
  • Hexes
  • Cailean
  • Kenai
  • Night Hollow
  • Nami


The killed:
-Doe (NPC)
-Delia (NPC, mother of 'Doe')


We currently need to have these wolves killed before the light spirits chase Sucki away!:

If you were assigned to the killing of these wolves and are unable to do it in the time left (four days!) please comment and let us know so it can be taken care of.

[suckibubble words="This is what happened while Sucki took over!:

-Aero and Nafeera were possessed at Pirate Lake while sneaking after Spirit and Keifer's date.

-Nafeera met up with Maximum to cause some chaos!

-Maximum killed Lokota, Lexes, and Doe in a rage. Maximum also attacked Bluemoon, causing her to miscarridge one of her pups! This will not be discovered until Bluemoon announces in the RP she is pregnant. Even then, we will not know she has a dead pup until her birth!

-Nafeera choked Delia, Doe's mother, and killed her.

-Maximum and Nafeera are freed of Sucki for a moments notice, and Bluemoon and Dark confront them of their actions. They are soon taken over again.

-Pureblood is seen talking to a group of wolves when Sucki overcomes him. He soon goes into a rage and is attacked by many wolves scared of their rabid chief of Megedagik.

-Siberia is attacked by Aero (who is told to do so by Sucki) Sucki uses this to take over Siberia and encourage Aero to follow the darkness.

-Cailean, Nami, and Kenai have been infected by Sucki's slick words, and they are working their way up to insanity! Four days to wreak havoc!

-Dark is visited by Kanati telling her to leave Lokota and Lexes, that it is their destiny to die that day. Kanati tells her Sucki is causing trouble and she must tell her friends this horrid news to save the pack. She is attacked by a crazed Maximum when she desperately tries to save Lokota, Lexes and Bluemoon.

-Howl is attacked by infected Hexes, and she does not understand Hexes's unjustified attack on her."]

-CURRENTLY: Dark and Nafeera try to tell Bluemoon Maximum killed their adopted pups and it is Sucki's fault. Cailean and Kenai are growing more evil with each post Sucki interferes. Pureblood, Aero, and Siberia are on the final and most severe stage of infection! In fact, EVERYONE is at stage three now, if you are not infected completely in the RP, or in Nafeera's case where Sucki left for a moment, you are now completely engulfed by the darkness and at STAGE THREE of infection! Go crazy, darlings!

HELPERS: You all know Sucki is behind all this trouble now!! Comment your suggestion to how you should all go about making the chant to call the light spirits and rid Sucki!
-Corner the infected and chant at them
-Gather the helpers and travel to Denali and call the spirits
-Helpers dream of their light spirits and it calls them all down to STP

The light spirits will chase Sucki off and bring the light back to the infected wolves. The wolves harmed during the Event need to post a comment here on this topic saying what happened to them that injured your wolf and I, Maximum, Kabili, Howl, and/or the dominants will tell you how much health you lose from that situation.
It has been a WONDERFUL Event and I have had a lot of fun!! You guys have done awesome and I hope your enjoying it too!! Leave a comment concerning any of the above, and what you thought of this event! Remember, only four days until the light spirits are coming!!

-NOTE: It might be moved to five or six days to give more time for members to decide how we perform the chant and in case we just need to change the date! Hopefully we can do it on Halloween though![/S13]

Hello Guest! I am Keifer of STP!

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Re: RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

Post by Slay on Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:10 pm

Very nice topic Keifer!! Thanks for this a lot!! It caught me up on a lot of things. Thank! Thanks! Thanks! :hug: I like the chanting idea to the infected members. !2"Light's inside me, no Sucki's presence!"!2

Maybe possibly the Erudites can be reached by the spirits and given the phrase to say to the infected members? Then after they are freed of Sucki they will still be weak and lose Health points and Stamina. Those will be decided.

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Re: RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

Post by Keifer on Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:14 am

I agree with this, Shiny! And since I couldn't post where I probably should have inbetween, I think we can extend the final events of this to just whatever time is needed to end it? I will make Sucki leave, and that will probably take two or three days so users can reply, and then mods and admins need to edit the stamina and health. ^^
I'm almost...ready to see the bright and happy blue home page of STP again Very Happy Halloween has been wonderful! ^^

(I will be making a post at Spink Lake after school today to sum up the involvement of Sucki. Then I'll gather up all the injuries each wolf got and come back to this forum and update it. ^^)

Hello Guest! I am Keifer of STP!

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Re: RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

Post by Maximum on Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:20 pm

Halloween is long gone, sadly, so..


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Re: RP EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 Days until Event Ends!

Post by Sponsored content

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