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Joining the Pack
Make sure to fill in a joining form on our STP Thread!
Accounts will not be activated until you do so!
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The Basic Guidelines

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The Basic Guidelines  Empty The Basic Guidelines

Post by MoonShine on Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:23 am


There are some rules you must follow to be in this pack. They are simple and easy to follow.

*Note: Each non-compliance will be a warning  reduction of the "Status bar"
read about it Here
, or disqualification to participate in the forums!


1.Respect each other in the pack and follow the rules. In short, be mature and nice.
2.In the beginning you only are allowed to have 2 accounts. For be able to have more accounts you will have to obtain the badge for it! -More info on Roleplaying Rules-
3.Messages should have a minimum of grammar and writing, this will make the topics more readable.
4.Posting irrelevant content, with phrases too short that don't contribute to the subject, commenting or divert topics that do not correspond to the theme of the section is deemed spam and will cause for a warning. SPAM is considered less than three words or multiple smileys with irrelevant content.
5.No wings, powers or anything on the game or in  the main Role-Play. We would like to be as realistic as possible.
6.Spying is prohibited, or any purpose related with it. It includes the prohibition to export information shown only to the members of STP to another places without a dominant's permit. That includes the hidden contents for the guests as well the chats in the internal chatbox. If someone wants to know all these private contents, they simply must join us. You are advised, if you are caught you will be banned from STP!
7.Its not permitted to use ANY inappropriate language or insults in and out of RP.
8.Content or links to type pornographic, extremist policy, morally dangerous or offensive, swearing, ect(this is the secret answer for the joining form:"Lights inside me, no Sucki's presence") that includes keys, hacks, cracks, warez or anything else illegal is prohibited.
9.Spamming with links to your own websites, or invitations to the website or any type of publicity to an external site is not allowed.
10.Content, links, names of users, etc. for the sole purpose of disturbing and insulting other members of this community are prohibited. The same applies in posts/messages that aim to encourage other users to harass and/or insult.
11.No one is allowed to give out any personal information about ourselves or people that know in real life (name, address, pictures of ourselves/our friends, etc.) , whether it's on the WQ topic or the forum.


1.It is not permitted to steal anything off of STP. Please respect our copyrighted things. You may ask one of the Dominants if it's alright to use something. If they say no, that means no. The contents that belongs exclusively to STP are mentioned in someway, but most used will be "©STP".
2.Don't use pictures unless your willing to give them credit. Flickr is a great place to find copyright-free pictures! Remind that using a picture off of Google or other sites is copyright to the owner. 
3.Also, contents and fonts that are subject to copyright or other licences and you don't mention it is also prohibited. Remember that some copyrighted things require the author's permission to be published or used! And usually with the condition to share the link to where you extracted it and name the author!
4.Do not use or edit someone else's work unless they've given you permission. Even if someone made something for you, ask them before using the artwork on a site other than STP.


1.You cannot start to RP with a new character until you have posted your biography on ( "Launch your STP character".
2.All Role-play's messages must have a minimum of 100 words! You can use the widget to count the words to see how many lines occupy the text (with the 100 words) in the view of your pc-screen!
3.We recommend at you, before start the RP, to read all the guides on the forum about the Role-playing!
4.You are not allowed to deal with Off-characters (grizzly bears, mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, rogue wolves, etc). If you do not have the permit to do it, more info]If you have the permit, then you should follow the guidelines shown on the guide about -off-characters-, but keep everything realistic. In real life, wolves tend to stay away from other predators but the pack will chase away an intruder, so behave like a real wolf pack would when having actions between your wolves and off-characters.
5.One cannot handle the character of another user. Each one must specify the actions and reactions of their own character and act accordingly to what the other had done. Conclusion, do not control the wolf of another, you must wait for their response.
6.No character will know what the other is thinking, nor will monitor the other, nor may 'make thinking' another character. (Unless there is an exception and is determined by a prior agreement by PM between two or more players).
7.Omnipresence is not permitted. That is, before going to a place (call Spink Lake, Ruth Glacier, Pirate Lake, etc) there are to leave the previous saying it as if it were part of the narration. (You must say where your going before going there). And also update the label on your profiles "Location on the RP" when you did the displacement.
8.Being invincible is not permitted. That is, any character may be defeated, but not killed unless there is a prior agreement between the parties to discuss the fact. You must talk to a Dominant about killing your wolf, as that is not permitted without a Dominants OK. Your wolves need to have strengths and weaknesses.
9.When a wolf dies, no one can do anything for undo it. The user must change his/her name and, therefore, his/her character, in order to continue role playing. (This is the secret answer for the joining form:"Lights inside me, no Sucki's presence") * Dying without a Dominants OK will get you warned/all your posts of 'dying' will be removed*
10.You can have more than one character into the pack at same time, but the maximum number for everybody at the beginning is 2 characters, if you want more you'll have to gain the badges that will allow you this!
11.If you have 2 accounts, you are obligated to fill up the profile tab "ID" with the same ID on both accounts to let everybody know which characters do you have and play!
12.You cannot role-play only with yourself. This mean, if you have 2 characters you cannot send a message in a RP topic after a message of one of your characters.
13.If a user has read an event, his character does not know this unless someone has told him in RP or he was present when it happened.
14.Is a semi-free writing roleplay. Actions can be write as you want! In space, person and time desired. You only must follow the rules of the guide for the writing role: ( RULES OF THE WRITING ROLE

The Basic Guidelines  Request_for_moonshinestp_by_inanistesta-d69x65y

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