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FMB - Matt

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FMB - Matt Empty FMB - Matt

Post by Matt on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:27 pm

◆Name: Matt
◆Gender: Male
◆Age: 2 years (Matt was born on January 22nd)
◆Rank: Fighter
◆Specialty: Fighter I guess.
◆Fur Color Black
◆Markings/scars: Few scars on his body.
◆Eye color: Yellow

◆Personality and other characteristics: Matt can get rather aggressive prettysy if he sears or hears something he doesn't like. Overall, this black brute is nice, sweet, gentle and can get depressed and scared.
◆History: W.I.P
Mother- He forgot her name - killed by bears
Father- Jeremy - Isn't sure if he is still alive
Sister- Isabelle - Alive
Brother- Andrew - Long lost. Matt isn't sure if he is still alive.
Sister- Sierra - Long lost. Is unsure if she is still alive.
◆Some reference photo or drawing of your wolf: Soon to be posted.

[tut="Character Data"]

Like a Star @ heaven USER DATA:
FMB - Matt 3081106212 Wolfquest account: -x-Rebecca-x-
FMB - Matt 3081106212 iScribble account: N/A
FMB - Matt 3081106212 DA account: rebecca100
FMB - Matt 3081106212 FH account: N/A
FMB - Matt 3081106212 First date joined: Jan 6, 2012
FMB - Matt 3081106212 Times kicked for Inactivity: 0
FMB - Matt 3081106212 Times has left by own decision: 0
FMB - Matt 3081106212 Times Re-joined?: 0
FMB - Matt 3081106212 Is banned?: No

FMB - Matt 3081106212Progress of the User and his/her character(s):

    -Feb 22, 2012 Matt joined the pack as a Visitor/Loner.
    -Sep 28, 2012 Matt became a full member.

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