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FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge

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FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge Empty FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge

Post by Nafeera on Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:10 am

!4:Nafeera Draig-uisge:!4
FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge __two_sides___by_inanistesta-d6m91pt

!4 :Naff or Naffy: !4
!4 :Female:!4
!4 :Approximately 3,5 Years: !4
!4 :European Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus): !4

!4 :Appearance:!4  

Green oculars with a spark of insanity found within them. Her pelt consist of three dominant coloration. A dark grey, almost black, grey and a light beige. Streaks of brown are also found within her pattern. A simple bridge marking is pigmented brown, and two darker stripes are located beneath both visionaries. Her frame is quite sturdy built, with a short, ragged fur, though does not lack any feminine appearance. She isn't the biggest, yet has an eye for fighting.

Special Features
Three large scars mar her snout in obvious presence, as well as the still not fully healed wounds on her stomach. It is yet unknown if these will remain as scars or fully heal and disappear. Nevertheless, they will not be very visible as her thick, ragged fur will grow over it.

FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge Nafeera_quick_wolf_reference_by_inanistesta-d6moooh

Some would define her as rather unstable, others conclude she is simply mental and build on insanity for she has an anger triggered by only the slightest of actions or mis-communication. A single step in the wrong area can unleash a rage which will lead to useless fighting and blood shed, followed by a serenity of panic which forms inside her mind. Times as these do come in certain schedules almost. It really differs from situation to situation whether such behavior will be shown - which forms her into an explosive bomb.

In other times she would even be kind even though social anxiety flows through her veins, she'll attempt having the casual talk with people. Just be warned, her demeanor changes in seconds.

Her origin would be found somewhere in the lands of Western Europe, belonging to a pack that would nowadays be either gone or transferred to other lands because of lack of space and prey. Her childhood was rather normal, except for the part she would be born without any siblings. All those that had been born along her, had been dead before they even entered the world. This made her quite the spoiled kid, though she remained kind and nice to all around herself.

Growing up to a juvenile state went with ease for the female, she was healthy and rather muscled for a femme, and used this to her advantage in her sparring against other males and females within her pack. She build up good skills and tactics as a fighter, learning day by day, improving her moves and actions. She was quickly put with the other hunters and warriors of the pack to go on patrols and hunting trips throughout the territory, she enjoyed such activities till its fullest, always getting along great with her fellow, older, pack mates.

This all went well till she would turn a year old. Her life would be changed, for humans had other plans for her than living peacefully with her family. With great force and struggle herself, and a handful of others, were brutally taken from the pack to be transferred to other, wolf lacking lands. Travelling by boat for many days, she would finally be released in the domain of America, lost and alone she was left - no sign of her other packmates was ever seen again. Without further a do she would continue on her paces to discover the lands, at the age of 1,5 years.

She had many encounters with those she holds great disgust and hatred for; the two legged beings with the pale and naked skin, whose faces she rip apart if she wanted to. Not to mention the grizzly's to which she owns her marred muzzle to. Even though she had been wounded badly in this encounter, she doesn't fear them. The opposite, really. Whenever she gets the chance to take revenge on those that scarred her face to a disgusting palette, she would take it without doubt or hesitation. She would travel for months, this became a year before she would finally get caught of familiar canine contact again. Solitude for that long affected her greatly, turning her somewhat mentally unwell and unstable. Or insane some would bluntly state. She has her troubles with basic communication with others, nor does she like the company no more.

Around her third year she entered the territory of what would become her new home; The Seasonal Trackers Pack. She now runs along them with the title of a warrior, with reluctance nowadays, yet still keeps herself part of it.

  [tut="Character Data"]

   :Progress of Nafeera Draig-uisge within the STP:

    -Jan 4, 2013 Joined as Seeker.
    -Aug 1, 2013 Became Guardian under Akecheta.


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FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge Empty Re: FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge

Post by Strong on Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:24 am

Alright! Thanks for open your bio! You are now completely accepted!

You can start to RP! But I recommends first to read these guides!

FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge 3081106212 [rules]
FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge 3081106212 [startrp]
FMB - Nafeera Draig-uisge 3081106212 [write]


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