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Seasons of Alaska

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Seasons of Alaska

Post by MoonShine on Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:44 pm

❅ Seasons of Alaska ❅

Alaska's seasons are the harshest in the whole North America. It can range from 100°F (38°C to -80°F (-62°C) in just one day. In order to have the pack more realistic we are going to follow the following months and season it is. Also since prey moves around during certain season it is best we know what time of season it is to know when the prey will be moving. Since the seasons are so unpredictable I adjusted the times so it is more plausible to work with. (The season widget will be updated accordingly.)

June, July, August, & September
During this time it is summer. The sun shines the longest of the whole year on June 21 because it only hides behind the horizon for 4 hours. This creates it the longest day of the year. This time of year can also be the rainiest time of year. On September 23 you must prepare yourself for the days of complete darkness before winter sets in. Sometime during mid-September weather patterns change and tend to bring in strong storms.

October, November, December, January, February, & March
During this time it is winter. Toward the end of winter in February and March it is the peak of winter. The weather becomes extremely nice. This type of season is particular long but can change at earlier times.

April & May
During this time is called the "Breakup". Since Alaska doesn't have a spring. These two months are the driest of the year. This is when things calm down. Snow, cold and mud an still seen, but not in great quantities. They tend to melt creating stopping most outdoor events.

Information found: here and here

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