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Angel Shoot Down Update

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Angel Shoot Down Update Empty Angel Shoot Down Update

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:37 am


Last week, when someone at the Wing Pointe canned hunt club took a rifle shot at our remote controlled aircraft (called the Angel), they probably thought they were hurting our cause. What they didn't realize was that the story of the shoot down would be covered internationally, and bring so much attention to live pigeon shoots that Pennsylvania newspapers have published editorials calling for them to be banned.

Predictably, the PA State Police have been unable to find the shooter.

Here are the links with quotes from the editorials.

Arranged pigeon shoots amount to little more than animal cruelty. Hundreds of live, captive birds are shipped en masse in small cages to a "sport" shoot for calculated release.

Now you have a shooter trying to destroy valuable property simply because it would record the truth of this repugnant activity. Credit also goes to the Showing Animals Respect group for persevering.

The following editorial was published in multiple media outlets. From the Times-Tribune:

Pennsylvanians should be surprised, however, that their state government continues to be an outlier - the only state left that sanctions such barbaric cruelty to animals.

We will keep you updated on this story. Yet again, the actions of pigeon shooters back-fires against them.

News Coverage:

The Associated Press picked up the story and it ran in numerous media outlets. This is in addition to the following coverage.

NBC 10 Philadelphia
Fox 29 PhiladelphiaThe Huffington Post
The Express-Times
The Daily Mail (UK)
Pakistan Today

Berks County District Attorney John Adams: Hypocrite, Liar

On September 30, 2012, at the Wing Pointe canned hunt club in Berks County, PA, SHARK filmed some of the most horrific footage of animal abuse ever captured at a live pigeon shoot. Berks County District Attorney John Adams was interviewed by the Philadelphia Inquirer about this incident. Here's what the article said:

"Adams said he would enforce an order by Berks County Common Pleas Judge Scott Lash regarding what constitutes the humane killing of wounded birds."

Judge Lash had issued an order for a different pigeon shoot where he stated there were things that could not be done at a pigeon shoot. Amongst those were that you could not kick or abuse wounded birds, and that they had to be dispatched "humanely." What happened at the pigeon shoot we filmed clearly and without question violated the conditions Judge Lash set out, and what DA Adams said he would prosecute.

Has John Adams been good to his word? No. Nearly two months later and he's done nothing. That's why we openly call him a hypocrite and liar.

SHARK has been investigating Adams and we know why he's done nothing; he doesn't serve justice or the law, he is owned by pigeon shooting interests that have deep ties with him.

Please contact DA Adams and politely tell him that we will not forget his public promise to prosecute what happened at Wing Pointe, and how he has utterly failed in his duty as District Attorney.

We've been contacted by people from around the world, including Australia,
Belgium, Canada, Portugal, South Africa and the UK, who wrote to Adams about his corruption. Please continue to write and help expose what Adams has done.

A supporter of SHARK sent us the following illustration. It says it all about DA Adams!

Another Pigeon Shooter Exposed: Frank Banko III

As the pigeon shooters just took a shot at us, we thought it appropriate that we sent one right back. To this end, we want to introduce you to a man who enjoys slaughtering malnourished birds that are launched from small boxes - Frank Banko III.

Here is Frank at a pigeon shoot in Pennsylvania that SHARK documented. Thanks for posing Frank! It made it much easier to identify who you are!

Frank is not what you would call a self-made man. His company, Banko Beverage, was started by his grandfather and handed down. This reminds us a lot like the story of Leo Holt, another pigeon shooter and former president of the Philadelphia Gun Club, who was handed his company down from his grandfather.

These two are examples of reverse Darwinism; the devolution of man from energetic business men to slovenly things that get thrills from the mass killing of small defenseless animals.

Pigeon shooting Frank is also listed on THIS PAGE as being on the Board of Directors for Embassy Bank. Seems like another hand-me-down job for "Chip" to us.

Is Embassy Bank aware of what Frank does for fun?

Please write to Embassy Bank and ask them how they feel about one of their Board of Directors participating in one of the most heinous and vicious acts of animal cruelty there is.

Please be respectful and polite

Further information:

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Angel Shoot Down Update Empty Re: Angel Shoot Down Update

Post by Lacien on Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:35 pm

I feel sorry foe the piegons... people shouldn't shoot them.

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