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FMB - Dark

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Edited FMB - Dark

Post by Dark on Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:00 am

Name: Dark
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old
Rank: Winter Clan Leader.
Specialty: Chief Hunter.
Fur Color: Black with no shine or sparkle to it: mattblack.
Markings/scars: A slight dark grey, almost black streak across the top of her chest.
Eye color: Dark blue with a star dissolved in each of them.

Personality and other characteristics: Dark is very friendly and caring but quiet at certain times. She has her own opinions and views but listens and respects the Dominants' decisions. Dark is wise and listens to her heart and her instincts before deciding what to do in any situation. She stands her ground if wolves are unfriendly to her, and only uses her teeth and claws in defense and in hunting. Dark can be a sensible wolf with cunning and wisdom that makes up for her small size. She has a kind heart and an intelligent mind. She loves making friends and taking care of the younger wolves, especially the pups. Dark would love to adopt a pup or two or have pups if a chance ever came her way.

History: When Dark was a pup, her parents, Dark's brothers and sisters all lived happily in their own territory in a place north-east of Denali. She found a passion for hunting and was content until the day another pack arrived at Dark's home. These wolves didn't come to talk, just to take the territory before them: by pure force. Frightened nearly out of her wits, Dark saw her mother fall protecting her and her brothers, sisters and father all fighting the enemy wolves. Dark ran away, and kept running until she found Mount Dan Beard and Robin. From there, she found the way to happiness again in the Seasonal Trackers Pack. She still becomes fidgety and nervous if anyone talks to her about it.
Family: Her mother was killed but she doesn't know if her father and her brothers and sisters are alive. She is waiting for them to come and find her if they can.  
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  :point:First date joined: Aug 09, 2012
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    -Aug 9, 2012 Dark joined the pack as a Visitor/Loner.-Sep 28, 2012 Dark became a full member.-Dec 3, 2012 Dark became Winter Clan Leader.-Dec 22, 2012 Dark's rank was changed to Herald (Chief) Hunter.    


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