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BIO - Bellatrix

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BIO - Bellatrix Empty BIO - Bellatrix

Post by Bellatrix on Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:22 am

BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 WQ user: kiba wolf fang (,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 DA user: GoldenArabian (,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 iS user: KibaWolfFang,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 FH user: KibaWolfFang,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Name: Bellatrix,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Age: 2 Years old,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Gender: Female,
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Physical description: Her dark tawny fur is riddled with light chestnuts, creams, and various pink patches which is were her fur has been burned, and scorched by the firey flames of her past. Silvers, whites, and blacks, are also stained apon her pigment, which is short and scruffy.

Bellatrix's scars are mostly from the fire that ate her parents, and are placed all over her body. Her markings are also painted all over her pelt; she has light coloured paws, chin, cheeks, underbelly, chest, and a sooty coloured back, muzzle, and ears.

One is a shining turqouise, and the other a light pinkish-red,

BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Personality: Bellatrix is grumpy, quiet, and doesn't like to hang around in large crowds; it makes her frustated, and more than likely to snap out at someone - this is why she likes to stay away from others, and if possible, be on her own for long amounts of time.
BIO - Bellatrix 3081106212 Initial skills:
Strength: 30
Velocity: 20
Knowledge: 10
Agility: 40.

BIO - Bellatrix Bellat11
-Note Some scars are not shown.
Lineart by Kainaa on deviantArt.

(I am not sure if all of this is correct, but I hope it is, and I hope that I shall be accepted soon).

[tut="Character Data"]

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    -UnknownBecame Guardian.


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BIO - Bellatrix Empty Re: BIO - Bellatrix

Post by Strong on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:10 am

HEy! Awesome character, I like! ^^

BIO - Bellatrix Sugere15 BIO - Bellatrix Positi10

Okay! Your Character is accepted! You are allowed to start RP. This topic will be locked. Wink

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Both dominants-STP

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BIO - Bellatrix 9e3sOVO

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