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Gymkhana of the search

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Gymkhana of the search

Post by Strong on Fri Aug 03, 2012 12:38 pm

The time awaited is about to arrive, appears that MoonShine during the kidnapping she met someone who ensured that Strong was alive, into a Zoo. The problem is..that before she could ask the exact location and other important details.. the stranger called "Shiriki" disappeared.

Arrow Gymkhana of the search
Starts on Aug 06, 2012 - Ends when have completed all the days of the Event!
"You has the sense, the time has come. The desire for adventure and search are uncontrollable,
the opportunity has presented to you and you cannot lets go it... "

What does the Gymkhana involve?
The purpose and argumentative line of this event is to find where it is Shiriki. The event will encompassing several contests, games and tournaments. If you keep reading you will see an explanation of the events that the gymkhana contains. Users interested in participating must register in this thread: Gymkhana - Inscriptions

Which are the gymkhana's events?
The gymkhana will be divided in several days, once passed a day will be added in the beginning of the day the word [COMPLETED]. To continuation we will give you a briefly explanation of the operation of each event:

DAY 1:
The goal to seek is to become the top posting user of the day. The deadline will be 24h after the starting of the event (Aug 06, 2012) . Growth will be determined as follows:

    Here will be shared the number of posts that a user has when has joined to the event:

    Here will be shared the number of posts that a user has once passed 24h after start of Day 1:

The winner will be who more posts has increased during the day, and he/she will be the only one with the privilege to receive the clues to complete the events of the next days to arrive where Shiriki is (because will represents that he/she explored more the forums..or the places of RP). So will be a type of "leader-guider" responsible of to share the clues with the group of searchers and together think and decide which could mean the clue and go ahead with it. The leader of the exploration will listen all the possibilities to take the final decision since he/she is who will guide them to the next place.
DAY 2:
The New Track:
You will meet everyone in Spink Lake (no matter the area), there and only there the clue may be disclosed by the leader of the moment who has received it!.Then you must try to find out which area is the next and go there, once in the place the group of search have to be split up into two teams and the leader who will choose for the other team will be the first to send a message after a member of the council (with the "Game Master" account) has sent a message on the topic that will contain an indication that Shiriki was there, such so that the first to write a message after the hint should note in her/his message (in detail) as it has come to find the track (minimum 8 lines long.. if does not meet the requirement will be chosen as new leader of the other team the following poster).

-Under Construction-

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Re: Gymkhana of the search

Post by MoonShine on Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:02 pm

 Locking and Moving

This for Strong's rescue, but.. he is already home! Very Happy

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