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Team A (Predator Island)

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Team A (Predator Island)

Post by MoonShine on Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:57 pm

First topic message reminder :

Predator Island (Team A)

Only Team A

"Group Life":
Group Life: 9000? -354... +100
MoonShine: 882 -29
Midnght: 898 -16
Shade: 900 -10
Roza: 900 -10
Rico: 900 -10
Howl: 900 -51
Moon: 900
Kiran: 900
Pelican: 900
Percy: 900
"Life points taken away from Dices":
1 = 0 life points 11:02 PM
2 = 3 life points 11:02 PM
3 = 6 life points 11:02 PM
4 = 8 life points 11:02 PM
5 = 10 life points 11:02 PM
6 = 13 life points 11:03 PM
7 = 16 life points 11:03 PM
8 = 19 life points 11:03 PM
9 = 22 life points

Whole Group


This is the island used in the Flood RP event. Only Team A is allowed to post on this section of land. In the center of the land is a cave, that the team must reach and protect from predators taking it over.

(Each part of this land have in its description a number. You can put this number of the place inside the Island where is your wolf and after write the description of the acts of your wolf)


Island and boat in Madang Province by kahunapulej, on Flickr

Place 1:

forest by sashomasho, on Flickr
Place 2:

forest by iLikeSpoons, on Flickr
Place 3:
Place 4:

HPIM0971 by En la ribera del Drac, on Flickr
This is the very middle of the section of land. It has some water and this is where the den is located. You must find and protect it, because predators will want it. Becareful before going into it. Wink


♦️ Prey: Any type that is in Mt.Denali. Elk..Moose...down to rabbits and rats.

♦️ Predators: All types of predators available in Denali. Bear..Mountain Lions..Coyotes..


- You must be in Team A to post here.
- Don't post here until it is announced that you can post here
- The rules to follow are the ones exposed in the General Rules and in the guide to do the ritual.
- You must want to have fun!


Last edited by Spirit on Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:48 pm; edited 20 times in total (Reason for editing : Adding life points to their group life since they hunted one prey ;))

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Re: Team A (Predator Island)

Post by Bellatrix on Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:48 pm

4) Rico stood up quickly and dashed after the others, not wanting to be left alone the lonely island. "Wait up!" He barked, following the others to Spink Lake.

3)... 2)... 1)...

(Off to Spink Lake!)

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Re: Team A (Predator Island)

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:38 pm

4.)Shade quickly got up, still half-asleep. She noticed everyone going in the direction of the Spink Lake, so she followed.

(Off to Spink Lake.)

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Re: Team A (Predator Island)

Post by Sponsored content

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